Dancing Mummies and Dancing Minis Leeds and Bradford

Dancing Mummies and Dancing Minis Leeds and Bradford

25.00 every 12 months

Dancing Mummies sessions are women only exercise classes based on dance, led by a fully qualified dance instructor. These are fun 45 minute workouts that incorporate the cardio and conditioning techniques that dance provides. With the added release of endorphins, our ‘happy hormone’ buddies and listening to some great tunes, dance can be a fantastic way to re-energise, boost your confidence and burn off those extra ‘baby cells’ that our bodies tend to like to keep hold of!

BLD Member Offer: 30% discount on the first four sessions for Dancing Mummies and Dancing Minis classes. Members are to enquire with the code BLD30 and will be given a discounted price. You must then take your Big Little Days membership card to the first session. Enquire at the website below.