Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy for full details about our memberships.

What is Big Little Days?

A members club which partners with high quality local attractions to offer exclusive discounts to families.

What offers are available to the members?

Each partner attraction will offer members of Big Little Days 30% off admission at selected times (some even offer it at all times!) and may even offer additional special discounts to our members.

This offer is only available to members of Big Little Days so get your membership card now.

How do I get my Big Little Days discount?

Join our club by ordering your membership card wait no more than 12 days for delivery – see our partners page about how to get your exclusive discount - this is often by presenting your card upon arrival or using a special discount code for online bookings. You will be asked to show an in-date card upon arrival if you have booked online so make sure you take it with you.

Can I visit attractions alone?

One adult and one child must visit together to receive discounts.

Can I use more than one Big Little Days card per booking?

Only one Big Little Days card can be used per visit unless stated otherwise by individual partners. Each card allows up to 2 adults and 3 children (as defined by our partners) to benefit from our exclusive discounts.

Why do attractions participate and provide such a big discount to members?

Big Little Days is a private club so attractions can offer these discounts without having to promote them. As members pay to be part of the club and live locally they are the type of customer our partners want as they can visit repeatedly. The club also makes visiting attractions more affordable so people can do it more frequently.

When can I use my Big Little Days card?

Each partner offers discounts most of the week – please check ‘Partners’ to see when the discounts are available.

Can I recommend an attraction to join Big Little Days?

If you know a quality local attraction that you think would be a great addition to our partners, please let us know at info@biglittledays.co.uk

How do I join?

Click here!

Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone else?

Yes – please email to let us know who the card is for and we will arrange a Membership Gift Pack to be sent out to them. Email us at info@biglittledays.co.uk to arrange your gift.

How long will my membership card take to arrive?

Using our standard UK delivery we estimate delivery should take no more than 12 days.

How can I update my contact details?

Please sign in using the password you created when you joined - you can update your details here.

What happens if I lose my Big Little Days card?

If you lose your Big Little Days card you are able to request a replacement by calling our Customer Service Team, there is a standard £10 administration for issuing the replacement. Email info@biglittledays.co.uk to request a replacement.

Are the cards transferable?

No, the cards are strictly non-transferable. They are printed with your name on, so cannot be loaned to friends or family members. We can only offer these discounts if we have paying members.

How do I keep informed of new partners joining?

Have a look at our current partner page for an up to date list of attractions and their exclusive discounts. There are always new partners joining so follow us on Instagram and Facebook too.

Join our mailing list by emailing info@biglittledays.co.uk

Do you have a smartphone app?

It is coming soon. We are a small local family business working hard to get this up and running, we will let you know when its available.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at anytime however refunds will not be offered – email us at info@biglittledays.co.uk. We will contact you roughly a month from annual renewal to request payment (we do not currently have automated renewal), if payment is not received membership will not be renewed. Simple.

Will my renewal fee remain the same each year?

Any changes will always be communicated within your renewal reminder email. The cancellation requirement does remain the same.